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Top Soil

Sykes Lawn Turf Topsoil is mixed specifically for laying underneath new turf or for seeding a new lawn.

Meeting British Standards 3882 guidelines and screened to just 5mm; you can be sure you are purchasing 100% safe soil, free from contaminants you should expect to find in reclaimed topsoil from skip hire companies such as chemicals, glass, concrete dust etc...

If you are laying a new lawn then please remember to put down at least 50mm of Lawnmix Topsoil first to give your turf or seed the best start possible.

You can calculate how much top soil you may need using our

Top Soil Calculator


1 bulk bag will cover approximately 15m² when spread at a depth of 50mm.



Sykes Lawn Turf ornamental bark mulch is the perfect option for your borders, around trees and plants. Sykes Lawn Turf Bark is a long lasting and quick option for making your garden look beautiful. Also great for acting as a natural weed suppressant. Please note the deeper the bark the better the weed control.


Play Chips

A great balance between durability and appearance, made from mixed sustainable hardwoods and meets British standards en1177 tests for impact, a great choice for busy play areas.

Each bulk bag will cover approx 20mē at a depth of 50mm.